Precision Agriculture

In today’s fast moving agri tech world there are lots of options available to increase yield, make the farmers life easier, reduce man hours and accurately manage the land. Competition is the key to survival with safety a priority. Precision drones will play a vital role in this sector, imagine accessing more of your land in a timely fashion, a drone seeking out issues at inception and using far fewer chemicals to contain the problem.

We aim to use our custom drone to provide a number of aerial services to the farming community as a whole. We are currently working with The Dept. Agriculture and a range of influential market advisers to bring this to the end user. Please feel free to contact us through our inquiry box on our home page.

Our Director of operations discussing the current and future use of drones in agriculture at the AIB stage during the 2016 Ploughing Championships.

Helen Carroll Ear To The Ground

Ian Kiely Drone Consultants Ireland

This sprayer drone, useful for crop spraying, upland management and a variety of services is available in several sizes and can be sourced directly from us.

This machine is an excellent example of technological development and advancement to aid in precision farm services.